Terms Of Service
Terms Of Service

Terms of Service

This website is owned by an Individual person with a passion for a varied number of Topics such as Religion, Religious Thought, The Esoteric, Philosophy, Astrology, Astronomy, Science and other subjects.

The views expressed on this website are my own and I will debate any subject with you in an amicable manner but I will not enagage in any debate that is designed to provoke or is argumentative. As I respect your point of view, I expect the same from you.

Most of the downloads I offer are free of charge, but a donations towards maintenance and bandwidth costs are always welcome.

Use my website responsibly. Do not hot-link to images on my site. Do not hot-link to downloads on my site. If you see something on my site that you like, for instance any graphics I designed or a paragraph I wrote that you would like to use elsewhere, don't just steal it as I will take the necessary steps to protect my Intellectual property. Rather ask me. You will achieve greater results by simply asking... as I normally just ask a link back to my site.